“Green Tea Bud”

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50ml/1.7fl oz

A perfect blend of organic, concentrated, deeply nourishing skin food, with the subtle scent of green tea and aloe vera. This hand balm is truly unisex.  Our base of shea butter is combined with the finest, deep-acting beauty oils to render very dry skin, silky smooth.

Directions: Apply a small amount, about the size of half your baby finger nail to clean hands and massage into skin. Allow 2-3 minutes for the oils to be completely absorbed into the skin.

Ingredients: *butyrospermum parkii butter, *persea gratissima oil, beeswax, *camellia oleifera seed oil, *glycerin, *simmondsia chinensis seed oil, *prunus armeniaca kernel oil, tocopherol, ribes nigrum seed oil, natural fragrance.(*certified organic)

2 reviews for “Green Tea Bud”

  1. mytu

    I love this product. I’m a guy and I’ve tried a lot of natural stuff on my shins but they are always itching terribly by the end of the day. Not with the Anaris Hand Balm, I apply it once in the morning and I’m good until the next morning, no itching! I wouldn’t do without it now.

  2. road

    I recently started using Anaris products. The product I use is the nourishing hand balm because I was having problems in the winter with my thumbs in particular cracking. I was using a drug store item and band aids which of course made me look like I was in some kind of battle. Once I started using the product I almost immediately saw the results of how amazing this product really is. I apply it on a regular basis now and have not experienced any cracking at all. The next step I took was applying it on the bridge of my nose and between my eyebrows which I found I was having problems with dry skin… gone! No more flaking!!! So just recently we took it to the next level… my heals began to start cracking (another lovely winter issue). So 3 days ago I started to use the products on my heals after I got out of the shower. within the three days my heals have already started to become normal… no more cracking. I know this is going to sound silly but this product is like MAGIC. It is so wonderful not to be in pain in my hands and heals… Thank you for this amazing product!!!

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