“I have had problems for years with dry and itchy skin on my legs, shins to be exact.  I’ve tried many products including so-called ‘organic’ products, but I have not been completely satisfied with any of them, the itching would always return and was very annoying.  Once I started using the Anaris Hand Balm on my shins on a daily basis I no longer experience any itching and this is something I never believed I would experience!”    C. M.  Richmond Hill

“For years I have had a problem with my thumbs cracking in the fall and winter. The pain at time would be unbearable and I have had to put an ointment on and cover them with band aides.  I looked like I had battle wounds. I recently tried the Anaris Nourishing Hand Balm and it has done the trick. I originally applied it twice a day and now that everything is under control I find that applying the product in the morning only seems to work fine. Also, on my lower leg (calf) I would have a burning/itchy sensation and would scratch the area till it bled. I applied the same product twice and now for two weeks there has been no reoccurring pain. I am so glad that we have a product like this to help us…”    N. R.  Mississauga

“I’ve always had terrible skin and finding something that works for me, moisturizes well and isn’t full of poor quality filler oils was tough. The face cream number one makes my skin feel baby soft, is just the perfect mixture of hydration, and smells heavenly. Highly recommend.” D. A. Kingston